Because spas need to be run continuously throughout the day to maintain a specified high temperature, the spa components have a tendency to wear down. There are a variety of common problems that you may notice with your spa. You can troubleshoot these problems by learning the common malfunctioning symptoms of a typical spa.

Heating Problems

According to, there are a variety of electrical and heating problems that you will encounter with your spa. The traditional problems with your electric components involve the spa not having any power or there is no heat. The likely problems are that you have a blown fuse, your thermostat is malfunctioning or the heating elements have failed. When addressing this problem, you should also troubleshoot the contact points to determine if they are dirty and require replacement, or if you need to replace your filter cartridge, which can contribute low spa heat.

Pump Problems

You may also find that the blower, which provides bubbles to the spa, is not producing the desired force or it is always functioning at a high speed. This problem may be the result of a failed pump switch or a blower switch. Again you should check the contact/relays for the pump and blower switches to ensure that they are not dirty or need replacing. Your spa's time clock may also be malfunctioning.

Water Quality Problems

According to, there also various water quality problems that your spa may exhibit. If you notice cloudy or chalky water, you may need to increase the sanitizer in the water because there is a buildup of organic material or calcium in the spa water. This is likely the result of an imbalance in the pH levels of the spa water or a clogged filter. If the water hue is green, there is likely an excess of copper in the spa. Brown water results from too much iron or manganese in the water. You can use Spa Metal Gon to address the colored water problems.

If your water has a peculiar odor, there are too many organic compounds in the water. If the spa water is causing skin irritation or is stinging your eyes, you have too much chlorine in the water. You can treat both these problems with a spa shock treatment. Finally if the spa water foams excessively, there is probably a build up of body oils or suntan lotion. You can use a product called, "Spa Foam Down," to eliminate the buildup.