How to Drain a Softub

Softubs are an inexpensive, user-friendly alternative to traditional spas. The Softub instructional manual recommends draining and cleaning the unit at least two to three times a year. It's also advisable to drain the tub before winterization and storage. Skip the specialized siphons and use your garden hose to safely and effectively remove the water from your Softub, no matter where it's set up.

Step 1

Connect a garden hose to an outdoor spigot. Place the other end of the hose on the ground near the Softub. Turn on the hose and wait until water flows through it.

Step 2

Turn the water off once the hose is completely full and disconnect it from the spigot. Position this end and the remainder of the hose onto an area that slopes downward. Place the end nearest the Softub into the unit and allow the water to drain.

Step 3

Monitor the Softub and hose to ensure the water keeps draining. If it stops, reconnect the hose to the outdoor spigot and try again. Continue to allow the homemade siphon to drain the water until the Softub is empty.

Step 4

Examine the Softub for any remaining moisture. Bail out any standing water with a small bucket and wipe away the remaining moisture with towels.

Jaimie Zinski

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