How to Remove Pollen From a Swimming Pool

This how to is specific to removing pollen from the surface of swimming pools in the Southeastern US, especially northeast GA / Atlanta as pollen accumulates everywhere, including pools, in the spring and early summer.

Step 1

After purchasing a bottle or two of microfloc clarifier from your local pool store, apply the chemical as directed on the bottle. The best way to do so is by cutting holes in the seal with a utility knife and squeezing the plastic bottle to squirt the clarifier evenly over the entire pool surface until the specified amount is used up. (The chemical may be a bit expensive in some areas so don't get too caught up in applying it to forget to check on the bottle how much you have used up)

Step 2

Brush pollen off the walls around the tile (if applicable) or water line of the vinyl, etc.

Step 3

Wait. The clarifier may take a few minutes to even possibly a few hours to clump up the pollen. You may notice that other particles will also collect, thus "clarifying" the pool.

Step 4

Vacuum up the clumps of pollen or if they all got sucked down the drain then clean or backwash your filter. Done. Until next time.