Back-washing a pool filter cleanses it from the debris collected through the filtration process. The Intex pool company, which manufactures and sells pool supplies, offers both cartridge and sand filters, with the sand filter using the back-wash feature. You should back-wash an Intex sand filter every few weeks to ensure the water that returns to your pool is clean and clear. The process only takes a few minutes and will most likely require you to add fresh water to the pool to maintain a proper water level for the skimmer.

Step 1

Turn the pump filter off.

Step 2

Set the filter to back-wash. This will change the water outlet from the pool to the discharge port.

Step 3

Connect a hose or pipe to the discharge port. When back-washing the filter, you can use a hose to drain water away from the pool area.

Step 4

Turn on the filter. Water will begin running out of the hose or pipe. Continue back-washing until the water discharge becomes clear.

Step 5

Turn off the filter and set the filter mode back to its regular position. Turn on the filter to restart the normal water-filtering process.

Step 6

Disconnect the hose from the discharge port and store the hose.