How to Remove Sand From the Bottom of Your Swimming Pool

Sand on the bottom of the pool can feel gritty and uncomfortable on your feet. Sand on the bottom of the pool must be removed right away to keep the pool water clean. Before you clean the sand out of the pool, determine how the sand entered the pool and correct that problem, if there is one, before vacuuming out the pool.

Step 1

Clean the skimmer baskets. Remove all debris so the baskets can collect the debris from vacuuming the pool. Check the water level. The water must be in the middle of the skimmer inlet. Pool installers tell you to keep the water level at the screws in the middle of the skimmer frame.

Step 2

Turn off the pool pump. Turn the multiport valve to backwash. Turn on the pump. Run until the water in the slight glass runs clear. The slight glass is located on the side of the pump near the waste drain. It is the size of a compass with clear Plexiglas so that you can see the water running through to the waste drain. Turn off the pump. Turn the multiport valve to waste.

Step 3

Connect the leaf net to the telescopic pole. Glide the net across the water to collect any floating debris. Empty the net and remove the pole.

Step 4

Attach the telescopic pole to the pool brush. Brush down the sides of the pool and steps. Use the brush to move debris away from corners so the vacuum can reach the dirt and sand.

Step 5

Disconnect the pole from the brush. Attach the pole to the vacuum head. Attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Attach the skimmer plate to the open end of the hose.

Step 6

Place the vacuum head on the pool floor with the pole leaning on the pool wall. Throw the hose in the water near the skimmer basket. Place the skimmer plate with the hose connected on any underwater pool jet. Fill the hose with water. Cover the skimmer plate hole with your hand so no air gets into the hose. Place the skimmer plate on the skimmer basket quickly as you remove your hand. Turn on the filter while it is in "Waste" position. The suction will grab and hold the plate and hose in place.

Step 7

Use the pole to glide the vacuum head along the pool floor slowly. Vacuum the shallow and deep ends of the pool. When done, remove the vacuum from the pool and disconnect the components. Turn off the pool pump.

Step 8

Clean out the skimmer baskets and replace in the skimmer. Place the cover on the baskets. Return the multiport valve to filter. Turn on the pool pump.