How to Vacuum a Pool With an Intex Filter Pump

Unlike many pool vacuums that connect to the filter pump, the vacuum designed for Intex pools requires no connection to the pump. This eliminates the possibility of unfiltered debris getting into the pump and damaging it. In fact, the Intex vacuum removes debris from the pool and distributes it into an on-board filter bag for safe removal from the pool. The only thing you must supply is a garden hose with a connection to a water faucet.

Step 1

Thread the male coupler on the garden hose onto the water faucet. Thread the female coupler on the garden hose into the hose adaptor, which is located on the housing of the Intex vacuum.

Step 2

Thread the coupler for the vacuum debris collection bag onto the port located on the housing for the Intex vacuum.

Step 3

Submerge the head of the vacuum into the water in your Intex pool, and then turn on the water faucet. This initiates the vacuuming process.

Step 4

Position the vacuum head in the bottom corner of the pool's floor, and then pull it backwards in a single row from one end to the other. Return to the starting point and sweep the next row. Overlap the rows by 50 percent to ensure adequate coverage with the vacuum head. Repeat the process until you have vacuumed the entire pool floor.