How to Repair a Salt Cell

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Things You'll Need

  • Water pump pliers

  • Small metal scraper

  • Muriatic acid

  • Large plastic bucket

  • Wire

  • Garden hose


If you find you need to repair your salt cell frequently you might consider having you water tested and adjust professionally to lower it's calcium levels.

If the above method doesn't work you might have to replace the cell entirely or there may be a problem with the control panel, having it serviced professionally will get you the answers you need.


Muriatic acid is mild acid, but it will cause skin irritation if it comes into contact, use exatra caution while handling it.

Chlorine generators are the latest innovation in pool maintenance technology. They work by passing salt water through an electrically charged salt cell to produce chlorine. The chlorine is filtered into the water to keep the pool clean and pleasing for swimming In most circumstances, salt cells experience problems due to a build up of calcified salt, which is fairly straightforward to remedy. With the right instructions you'll repair the salt cell yourself and save money on a service charge.


Step 1

Turn off your pool pump, unplug the chlorine generator, unplug the salt cell from the chlorine generator and turn off all the necessary valves.

Step 2

Grip the right side collar of the salt cell with a pair of water pump pliers and loosen it by rotating it towards yourself until hand tight. Repeat on the left side collar.

Step 3

Unscrew one collar at a time by hand while supporting the salt cell with your free hand. Pull the salt cell away from the plumping and set it aside.


Step 4

Scrape out calcium build up from both ends of the salt cell using a metal scraper. Scrape any calcium build up that might be present in the piping where the salt cell connects to the pool system.

Step 5

Mix one gallon of water with 1/4 gallon of muriatic acid in a large plastic container. Coil a few wires around the salt cell and slowly submerge it into the solution.

Step 6

Soak the cell for several minutes. Pull the cell out of the solution with the wire and rinse it off thorough with a high pressure garden hose.


Step 7

Fit the salt cell back onto the system and plug everything back in. Open all necessary valves and start the pool pump. Wait a few minutes and check if the salt cell error LED found on the salt generator control panel turns off.



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