Doughboy is a manufacturer of above-ground swimming pools. Like all other above-ground pools, vacuuming is a part of regular maintenance. Pool owners need to vacuum their pool in order to keep the bottom free of dirt and debris that can affect water clarity and cleanliness. In order to vacuum your doughboy pool you must attach the vacuum head to a pool hose. You will use the filter as your vacuum to clean the pool bottom.

Step 1

Turn your filter off and remove the skimmer top by turning it counter-clockwise for most models. Remove the skimmer basket and insert skimmer vacuum attachment in its place.

Step 2

Connect one end of the pool hose to the vacuum head. Attach the telescopic pole to the vacuum head. The pole will snap into a socket on the top of the vacuum head.

Step 3

Place the vacuum in the water. Turn on the filter. Place the free end of the pool hose against the pool's return jet to allow the hose to fill up with water. Take the end of the pool hose and connect it to the vacuum attachment inside the skimmer.

Step 4

Vacuum the pool bottom slowly and methodically to not miss any spots. The filter will suck in the water and circulate it just as it does during normal operation.

Step 5

Turn the filter off and disconnect the vacuum assembly when finished. Replace the vacuum attachment with the skimmer basket and restart the filter.