A Jacuzzi tub can help you reduce stress levels, as well as provide an opportunity to relieve pain or discomfort and help relaxation. Unfortunately, the jets on jacuzzi tubs may become clogged from soap scum, hair or mineral buildup. In order to promote the proper care of a Jacuzzi tub, you will need to know how to unclog Jacuzzi jets to maximize its performance.

Step 1

Fill your Jacuzzi with hot water so that the level of water is just above the highest jet in the Jacuzzi. The water should be about 1 inch above the jets on the Jacuzzi. The water should not cover the air valve.

Step 2

Put on your gloves to minimize potential damage to your hands and put on a face mask to reduce the inhalation of fumes.

Step 3

Pour approximately 1 cup of bleach directly into the hot water. You may also use a liquid disinfecting product as suggested by the manufacturer of your Jacuzzi.

Step 4

Turn on the Jacuzzi tub and let the tub run for approximately 15 minutes. You may want to adjust the direction of the jets to improve the flow of water and reduce the amount of buildup. Drain the tub after approximately 15 minutes.

Step 5

Clean out the jets with a Q-tip or light cloth once the tub has drained and clean out the remaining debris from the jets. Wipe the tub down with a wet rag to remove debris.

Step 6

Fill the Jacuzzi up with cold water and run the Jacuzzi for 15 minutes. This can help cycle the water and remove remaining debris.

Step 7

Wash the Jacuzzi with water and ensure that the bleach is gone by wiping the tub down with a wet rag.