How to Patch an Intex Pool While Full of Water With a Supplied Kit

Intex pools are constructed of a highly durable, three-ply PVC material that is capable of withstanding a good deal of use. However, after years of holding water and being exposed to sunlight, these walls can weaken making them more susceptible to damage from rocks and other objects when they are being taken down. Generally you can patch an Intex pool in just a few minutes. The patch kit includes a patterned vinyl for the side and bottom, a solid color vinyl for the outside and a clear patch for the ring, which is the upper tubular perimeter of the pool.

Patch small holes in an above-ground Intex pool to extend the pool's life.

Patch Sidewalls

Step 1

Clean the inside of the sidewall where the hole is located to remove algae and oils using a clean soft cloth.

Step 2

Cut a round patch from the thicker, patterned vinyl at least 1/2 inch bigger than the hole and cover the entire underside, the side without the pattern, with the included cement.

Step 3

Place the glued side of the patch against the sidewall, under the water and smooth it down, pressing firmly.

Step 4

Cut a circle from the solid vinyl to patch the outside. Apply the patch the same way, pressing firmly to remove all the air.

Patch Bottom or Ring

Step 5

Patch the bottom the same way as you did the side using the lighter weight vinyl.

Step 6

Cover the patched area with a brick or other heavy flat weight.

Step 7

Patch the ring with the clear vinyl material and the cement.

Step 8

Apply cement around the hole and to the back of the patch and press firmly to seal. Slightly deflate the ring.

Step 9

Wait 12 hours before re-inflating the ring.