How to Get Green Out From Pool Water

Swimming pools require lots of regular maintenance in order to remain problem free. Some pool problems arise from contaminants or debris entering the pool water. A swimming pool suffering from green, hazy pool water contains large amounts of algae. An algae infection requires a rugged chlorine shock and algaecide treatment in order to clear the pool water. The dead algae settles to the pool floor for vacuuming.

Eliminate green algae in your swimming pool to keep the water clear and healthy.

Step 1

Pour a granule or powder-based chlorine shock into the pool water. A typical shock dosage for algae consists of 2 lbs. of shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Step 2

Brush the bottom of the pool with a pool pole holding a brush. Push any debris or algae sitting on the pool floor toward the pool's main drain.

Step 3

Pour 16 oz. of an algaecide into the pool for every 10,000 gallons of water. Refer to the packaging of the algaecide for specific algae treatment amounts.

Step 4

Brush the bottom floor of the pool once more. Move the debris to the main drain.

Step 5

Vacuum the dead algae and debris off the pool floor with the pool's vacuuming equipment. If the debris and algae becomes stirred up, wait and allow it to settle before continuing vacuuming.

Step 6

Backwash and rinse the pool's filter system after vacuuming. The quantity of debris and dead algae entering the filter media can cause a pressure buildup.