How to Repair a Leak in an Intex with a Wet Patch

Intex aboveground swimming pools hold pool water using a vinyl-type liner material supported by plastic feet or pipes. Leaks in a swimming pool cause a number of difficulties for pool owners and may damage other areas of the pool or areas around the pool. Repairing a leaking Intex pool requires applying a patch to the affected area. Wet vinyl patches allow leaks to be repaired with water still in the pool, rather than requiring a full drain process.

Prevent water from leaking out of your Intex pool with a wet patch.

Step 1

Cut the wet patch into a circle a few inches larger then the damaged section of the Intex pool, using scissors. If the damaged part of the Intex pool is very large or an irregular shape, cut the patch into a square or rectangle for easier coverage.

Step 2

Coat the entirety of one side of the wet patch with waterproof or water-resistant vinyl adhesive. Most wet patch kits come packaged with waterproof vinyl adhesive. Wipe away any excess adhesive, but ensure the whole surface has coverage.

Step 3

Press the adhesive-covered side of the wet patch quickly to the damaged area of the Intex pool. Hold the patch firmly to the pool for at least 30 seconds.

Step 4

Smooth any imperfections or wrinkles out of the patch by hand. Folds or wrinkles weaken the patch and allow water to seep behind and compromise the patch.