How to diagnose Quikclean II swimming pool popup problems

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diagnose Quikclean II swimming pool popup problems

An in-ground swimming pool using a Quikclean automatic cleaner uses water pressure from the pool pump to operate popup cleaning heads. The popup heads operate in zones. The pool will use multiple cleaning zones designed to sweep debris to the pool sump where it will be drawn into the pool filter. Use the following steps to determine what is causing popup failures.


Step 1

Verify all popup zones operate correctly. Once you have identified a faulty zone, determine if any popups in the zone operate. If none of the popups in the zone operated, check the Quikclean valve assembly is working correctly. Listen to the valve assembly. You should be able to hear the 'clockwork' mechanism as it rotates. You may have to repair the valve assembly and replace some of its internal components. (See the related article, 'How to repair a Quikclean Automatic pool cleaner'.)


Step 2

If the cleaning zones cycle correctly, but a single popup fails to operate, check the pool filter pressure gauge when the zone is operating. As the zone with the faulty popup cleaning head is actuated, the pool filter pressure gauge will rise if there is a blockage in the line to the popup heads. Clearing a plumbing blockage will require professional help.

Step 3

If the pool filter pressure gauge does not rise when the faulty zone operates, remove and inspect the popup cleaning head. (See the related article, 'How to replace a Quickclean II swimming pool cleaner popup head'.) Sand and debris can prevent the popup from working correctly. Manually operate the popup head under running water to remove any sand or debris that may be causing the popup head to stick in one position. The popup is spring-loaded and when water is directed to it, the popup head is raised. When the water is directed to another cleaning zone, the popup head lowers and it ratchets around to its next starting position. Over several operating cycles, the cleaning head will sweep a 360 degree arc.


Step 4

Do not expect a cleaning zone to work correctly when you remove a popup. With one popup removed from a zone, the back-pressure required to operate the remaining heads will be reduced, preventing normal operation.