Swimming laps is great exercise as it gives you a full body workout. The water also acts as resistance so you can achieve incredible muscle definition. If swimming is your sport or hobby of choice, you likely prefer a lap pool to a standard swimming pool. For your fitness and recreational needs, you can build a lap pool in your own backyard. Read on to learn how to build a lap pool.

Build a Lap Pool

Step 1

Determine where you would like to place the lap pool. Generally, a lap pool is about 5 to 10 feet wide, and 40 to 75 feet long. Pool depth is usually about 3.5 to 4 feet.

Step 2

Obtain appropriate city permits. Most jurisdictions have specific requirements for pool building. This may entail where the pool can be placed as well as certain plumbing and draining requirements.

Step 3

Map out plumbing specifics during the planning phase. You need to ensure water can be piped into the pool and drained out of it. You should likely consult with your water company regarding specifics.

Step 4

Mark off the exact dimensions of the pool.

Step 5

Dig up the ground. You can use a shovel for the outline of the pool but you may want to buy, rent or borrow a more serious digging device for the interior section. You'll be removing a very large amount of dirt.

Step 6

Connect all the water lines to the pool. You must do this before pouring any cement.

Step 7

Pour cement throughout the bottom, sides and lip of the lap pool. Follow specific instructions for cement mixing and pouring, and allow sufficient time for the cement to set. Make sure the cement is smooth and even.

Step 8

Install tile along the top edge of the lap pool. Generally, the tile is place from slightly below the water line to the top pool edge.