Keeping a pool properly chlorinated is important to the water quality and safety of those using the pool. Outdoor pools especially are challenging to keep properly chlorinated, due to the sun reacting with the chlorine in the water. A chlorine pool float is an ideal way to easily add additional chlorine without having to constantly adjust the inline chlorinater.

Make a Chlorine Pool Float

Step 1

Clean the bottle and remove all paper labels if you are reusing a bottle from a different product.

Step 2

Drill at least 10 holes into the sides of the bottle. Space them around the bottle evenly.

Step 3

Glue the tennis ball to the lid of the bottle with the hot glue gun. Be sure to use a generous amount of glue for good adhesion.

Step 4

Put chlorine pellets into the bottle.

Step 5

Screw the lid with the tennis ball back onto the bottle. Toss your new chlorine float into your pool.