Some pool filters use sand to help keep the water as free of debris as possible. Over time, the sand can break down and it will need to be replaced. While you can have a professional pool service do this for you, the pool owner can do it as well. To change the sand in your pool filter, you will need a few common tools and new sand. Sand is available at many pool supply shops.

Filter sand is contained in a large tank.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the filter at the breaker box. Close all plumbing valves that lead to the filter. Disconnect all the hoses that lead to the filter. Place these hoses in the pool or you may lose pool water.

Step 2

Use the screwdriver or pliers, if needed, to remove the drain plug on the bottom panel of the filter. Let the water run out and completely empty the filter tank.

Step 3

Loosen the bad clamp that holds the dial valve onto the filter. Lift the dial valve up to remove it and set it to the side for now.

Step 4

Use the small bucket or hand scoop to remove most of the sand. Toward the bottom of the filter, you will see parts called the laterals. Be careful not to hit these because they can break. Use the shop vacuum to remove the last of the sand from around the laterals. Inspect the laterals for damage or age. If they are brittle, this is a good time to replace them.

Step 5

Cover the opening of the stand pipe in the middle of the filter body. You do not want sand going into the pipe when you are refilling the tank.

Step 6

Replace the drain plug in the bottom of the filter. Fill the filter tank one-third full of fresh water. Place new sand in filter. Finish filling with water. Remove the tape and replace the dial valve. Reconnect the hoses. Open the valves and turn the power back on.