A salt pool uses large quantities of table salt dissolved into the pool water to make chlorine that keeps the pool clean. The salinity level of a salt pool is 3,000 ppm, which is less salt than in human tears.

A salt water pool does not dry your skin like a chemical pool.


Salt is a corrosive material and can shorten the life of your pool equipment. The older saltwater systems required more salt than the newer ones; the newer ones are less damaging to the equipment than the older ones.

Low Chlorine

If the generator is not working properly or there is not enough salt in the pool, there will not be enough chlorine to keep the water clean. Usually keeping an eye on the electrolytic cell for buildup and testing the salinity of the water can help avoid this issue.


Since saltwater pools do not use packaged chlorine to clean the pool, they are not getting cyanuric acid, an ingredient added to packaged chlorine that stabilizes the chlorine and makes it last longer. If your cyanuric acid levels are low, chlorine will escape the pool more quickly and the generator will have to run more. This can cause the generator to fail prematurely. Adding cyanuric acid can help combat this.