Maintain a saltwater pool a little differently than you would a chlorine pool. The saltwater pool has an electrolytic cell that processes the pool salt, making it into chlorine, without the high chlorine odor. With proper cleaning, the pool water stays clear and ready to swim in without irritating your eyes or giving a green tint to your hair. Saltwater is better for your skin and will not cause excessive dryness if you keep the salt processor in good working condition and the water levels balanced.

Care for a Saltwater Pool

Step 1

Attach the long-handled pole to the leaf net and scoop out all debris floating on the water.

Step 2

Use the same handle attached to a brush to brush down the sides and the bottom of the pool.

Step 3

Turn on the filter on the pump. Attach the vacuum head to the long-handled pole. Place the vacuum hose plate in the skimmer basket. Vacuum the bottom of the pool, removing any debris. Turn off the filter.

Step 4

Remove the hose plate from the skimmer basket and clean out the basket. Empty the skimmer basket daily to remove filtered debris.

Step 5

Check the pool's chemical levels weekly with a pool test kit. Use non-iodized salt as needed when chlorine levels drop. The pH in a salt pool will always be on the high side, so add muriatic acid to reduce the pH as needed. Add baking soda if the alkalinity in the pool needs to be adjusted. Follow the chemical chart for the size pool you have.

Step 6

Clean out the processor, known as the electrolytic cell, about every three to six months to keep it working properly.