How to Level an Above-Ground Pool with Water in It

Occasionally, above-ground pool owners discover the pool is not level after it has been set up and filled. Perhaps the ground was not level to begin with, or the pool appeared level until the water was added. Maybe the pool started to sink into the soft ground on one side, or a tree's roots forced one of the sides of the pool up through the dirt. There's an easy but delicate fix to this problem.

Fix the pool yourself if the level is less than 2 inches off.

Identifying the Problem Side

Step 1

Extend a pool net pole to its longest length and stretch it across the center of the pool.

Step 2

Place the level on the pole to see if the pool is level in this direction. If it is, move the pole around the pool to check how level it is in more than one place until you pinpoint the unleveled side.

Step 3

Lift the pole's end gradually while holding the level until the bubbles on the level are level.

Step 4

Hold the pole's position and measure the distance between the pole and top of the pool. Record this number so you'll know how high to raise the pool's side to level it.

Correcting the Problem

Step 5

Slip the garden spade shovel only under the pool's frame tracking--do not push it beyond this point as the shovel will puncture the lining.

Step 6

Lower the garden spade shovel to nearly lay it on the ground until you reach the desired level height. Hold it there.

Step 7

Scoop up the sand with the square point shovel and toss it at the base of the pool. An assistant may have to help with this. With the garden spade shovel still supporting the wall, compact the sand under the raised wall until it is completely filled in.

Step 8

Lift the garden spade shovel up and out slowly to lower the pool wall. Add more sand around the pool if the level is still off.