Deck Design Ideas for Above Ground Pools

Many above-ground pool owners opt to add decks to create space for lounging water-side. There are an array of deck options to choose from. By considering potential uses for the deck, individuals looking to add these accents to their above-ground pools can plan attractive and enjoyable outdoor spaces.

Use decking to surround your above-ground pool.

Surrounding Deck

Create the look of an in-ground pool without the financial investment by surrounding your above-ground pool completely with a deck. Make your deck as wide or narrow as you wish to produce the lounging space you desire around your pool area.

Side Deck

Instead of placing decking around your entire pool, flank the pool with a side deck. Build a deck on one side of the pool area. Create stairs leading up to this raised deck. To increase the safety of the pool, surround the sides not flanked by decking with a fence.

Two-tiered Deck

Create both "wet" and "dry" places for lounging with a two-tiered deck. Build a deck at the pool level for poolside lounging as well as a lower deck for those who wish to stay out of the water but still enjoy time outdoors. Place stairs running down from the upper deck to the lower to connect these two levels, creating a unified outdoor relaxation space.

Partially Covered Deck

Give deck users the option to escape the sun with a partially covered deck. Leave some of your deck space open to the sun while placing a covering over another portion, allowing deck users to move in and out of the sun as necessary.