With the warm weather approaching, it's time to start thinking about opening your swimming pool for the season. Above ground pools are generally covered for the winter to keep out flying debris from getting into the water. Use these steps to help you get your swimming pool open for the pool season.

Open an above ground pool for crystal clear swimming water.

Step 1

Remove your pool cover. If there are leaves and debris on the cover you will need to use your leaf net to scoop them off so that they don't get into the pool. After the cover is off you will need to let he cover dry so you can fold it and store in it until fall.

Step 2

Connect the pool pump, filter and remove any winter plugs that you installed. The filter should have been cleaned when the pool was closed but if it wasn't done then, now is the time to do it. If the sand in the filter is a few years old it may be a good idea to replace it at this time instead of waiting until everything is connected and running.

Step 3

After the pump and filter is connected it is time to fill the pool to normal swimming level.

Step 4

Now it is time to start the pump and filtration system. Make sure to prime the pump before starting to clear all the air that is in the system. You will need to check the system for any visual leaks and fix as needed. You should also check the skimmer and other connections to the pool for leaks.

Step 5

If you put in the closing chemicals in the fall and you had a solid cover on the water is as clear and blue as when you closed it. If not, you will need to remove any debris with your leaf net. After the large debris has been removed it is time to run the pool vacuum. When vacuuming the debris make sure the filter is set to waste instead of going through the filter. You will clog the filter if all the debris goes through it.

Step 6

After cleaning the pool it is time to check the pools water chemistry. Allow the pool water to circulate for 12 hours so that the old and new water are thoroughly mixed. You will need to test your water with test trips or take to your local pool store to have them test it.

Step 7

If your water is clear then the first thing to check is the PH level and get that to the correct level. If your water is green than you will need to kill the algae before adding your chemicals. To kill the algae you will need a heavy does of chlorine shock. Once the algae has cleared you will need to brush your sidewalls and vacuum the pool. Add a water clarifier and let it circulate for 2 to 4 hours. The clarifier should bind to the particles and make them sink to the bottom and you will need to vacuum again.