How to Take Off Above Ground Pool Covers Without Letting Leaves Into the Pool

Part of properly maintaining your pool is to use a pool cover to stop debris, like leaves, from falling into the water. Once the pool cover has done its job, however, then what? Removing a leafy pool cover will almost always lead to the leaves falling from the cover into the water, which cancels out the reason for using the cover in the first place. Luckily, there is a simple method you can use to remove the pool cover without letting any leaves fall in.

Proper pool maintenance will ensure a clear, leaf-free pool.

Step 1

Attach a pool leaf rake attachment to your skimmer pole. Leaf rake attachments can be purchased from pool specialty stores and online retailers.

Step 2

Rake the leaves on the cover gently to the edges of the pool where you can pick them up and discard them by hand. Use as little pressure as possible while raking the leaves to avoid causing water to leak over the top of the cover.

Step 3

Grab the pool cover by one corner and pull it across the water and over the side of the pool until it's completely removed. The pool cover should remain upright as you pull it off, so don't try to fold it over itself as you pull to make room.