How to Calibrate an Aqua Rite Goldline Salt Generator

The Aqua Rite Goldline Salt Generator is an automatic sanitation unit used in pools and spas. The unit works by converting salt into free chlorine, which helps to kill any bacteria or algae that forms in the pool or spa's water supply. Once the bacteria or algae has been eliminated, the chlorine then changes back into salt. The unit contains an electrolytic cell that constantly manages the chemical levels within the water. If the electrolytic cell is dirty or has a buildup of calcium deposits or any other sort of debris stuck to it, the Aqua Rite unit will likely malfunction. In order to recalibrate the Aqua Rite unit, the dirty cell must be cleaned and then reinstalled.

The Aqua Rite unit helps keep a pool's water chemically balanced and clean.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the Aqua Rite unit, then open the electrolytic cell access door and check to see if the cell is dirty. If the cell has crusty or flaky deposits on it, or any other type of dirt or debris, remove the cell from the unit and spray the it with a high-pressure garden hose to remove the debris. Remove stubborn deposits with a plastic or wooden scraping tool. After the cell is clean, reinstall the electrolytic cell in the Aqua Rite unit.

Step 2

Turn the power back on and allow the filter pump to run for a minute or so. Then move the power switch down to the "Off" position and leave the unit off for a few seconds. Move the switch back up to the "Auto" position. Listen for the unit to make a clicking sound, which should happen within about 15 seconds after switching back to the "Auto" position.

Step 3

Press the "Diagnostic" button five times in a row once the system produces the clicking sound. The system will engage in the resetting process, and the numbers on the unit's display reading will continuously change until the process is complete.

Step 4

Wait until the numbers on the system's display unit stop changing. Check the display unit for the number it displays. If the constant number displayed is close to the actual salt level of the pool, move the power switch up to the "Super Chlorinate" setting for a moment. Then move the switch back down again to the "Auto" setting. This sets the displayed number as the new average salt reading for the pool and should prevent further malfunctioning.

Step 5

Contact a local authorized Aqua Rite service provider if the final number on the display unit is much lower than the pool's actual salt level. Visit the Hayward Pool Products website and click the "Dealer Locator" button at the top of the site. Enter your zip code, then select a mileage radius and pool type. Then choose "Product Repair or Service" and select a product from the list for which to get assistance. Click the "Submit" button to view a list of authorized service providers in your area. Contact one of these service providers for further assistance.

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