How Much Does It Cost to Operate a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs have a number of expenses associated with them that need consideration when planning to install one. Although none of these factors has significant bearing on total cost, their combined effect must be taken into account for budgeting purposes. Not all hot tub owners require items considered as enhancements.

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Bromine is the correct choice for hot tubs, since it continues to sanitize in high temperatures. Either bromine tablets or a two-part bromine sanitizing system could cost between $20 and $80 a month depending on the size of the tub, the number of people using it, how often and how long it is used each time. Adding balancing chemicals every three months when the tub is refilled with fresh water, and during the month as needed, costs between $5 and $10 a month.


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The cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour varies by utility company, but on average, the cost per month to heat a hot tub is 40 cents per heating hour. The hot tub cover, when in place, maintains the temperature of the water to a certain extent, depending on the cover quality and construction. However, when the thermostat senses a drop in water temperature, it activates the heater to raise the temperature, which equates to electricity usage. Hours of usage without the cover on mean escaping heat and subsequent electricity usage to maintain heat and power the jets.


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Multiply the number of gallons of water in your hot tub by the cost of water per gallon in your city. A complete change of water happens every three months. Additional water usage occurs by topping off the tub to compensate for splash out and evaporation, which varies by user.


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The hot tub lights are already included in the power consumption average for the tub. Outside lighting on a patio or a deck during hot tub usage must be figured on an individual user basis. Walkway lights may be turned on a path to provide safety while walking to and from the hot tub. In any event, unless floodlights are being used, there should be no significant power consumption by normal lighting.


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Spa fragrances and aromatherapy products are popular enhancements used by some hot tub owners. These products add to the monthly cost of the hot tub as do hot tub cleaning products. Clarifier, defoamer, waterline remover, cover cleaner and surface cleaner cost between $5 and $10 a month. All of these products are dependent on how well the hot tub is cared for and how much use it gets.


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Parts such as pump o-rings, thermostats, high limit switches, pumps, heating elements and cartridges for the cartridge filter wear out and need replacement. The cartridges can cost between $35 and $90, depending on the size and brand of hot tub. Although the spare parts cannot be quantified because they occur randomly, it is a consideration for operating cost that cannot be overlooked.