How to Troubleshoot a Pentair IC40 Chlorine Generator

Pentair is a company that makes several different pool-related products such as pumps, filters, heaters, lighting and sanitizers. The Pentair IC 40 is an electronic chlorine generator that is designed to keep optimum levels of chlorine in your pool at all times. Chlorine helps to keep your pool water clear of algae and bacteria. You can troubleshoot several of the smaller problems that may pop up with the IC 40 so no one will have to miss time in the water.

A chlorine generator helps keep the pool properly sanitized.

Step 1

Remove any debris clogging the strainer basket and clean the pool filter if the flow light is red. Replace the AC fuse located at the bottom of the power center if the green power light is not on.

Step 2

Add cyanuric acid to the water of an outdoor pool if the chlorine level is lower than it should be. Aim for 50 to 80 parts per million (ppm), as per your pool's requirements.

Step 3

Press down the button marked "More" to dispense more sanitizer or set the "Boost" mode so the generator runs for 24 hours as alternate fixes if the chlorine falls below acceptable levels.

Step 4

Measure the mineral level in the pool and add more so it reaches the "Good" level, if the yellow "check mineral" light and cell LED are flashing. Wait 24 hours for the mineral to mix into the water.

Step 5

Drain ¼ of the pool water out and refill with fresh water if the green "good mineral" light is flashing, which indicates too high of a mineral content in the water.

Step 6

Turn on the heater, or lay a solar blanket over the surface of the water if the cell light is red, which indicates the water temperature has fallen below 52 degrees Fahrenheit.