How to Close an Above Ground Swimming Pool for the Winter

Once the weather begins to cool off, it's time to think about closing your pool for the winter to protect it against the elements and any wandering animals. This will make opening your pool the following summer much easier. Closing the pool for the winter will add years to its life.

Swimming Pool

Step 1

Clean the pool first. Use the net to remove leaves and bugs from the surface of the water. Vacuum the pool as you normally do throughout the season.

Step 2

Remove all toys and the ladder from the pool and store them for the winter. A garage, shed or basement are good storage places.

Step 3

Pour in chemicals included in the Aquatrol Winter Kit to keep your pool from becoming full of bacteria throughout the winter.

Step 4

Place plugs in all the inlets and a skimmer cover over the skimmer. If you don't do this than water could get inside of them and freeze. This could cause them to break.

Step 5

Unplug your pump and make sure you get any water out of it. Do the same with the filter and the filter hoses. Again, you don't want the water to freeze and break the pump.

Step 6

Inflate air pillows and place them on the surface of your pool water. This will keep the pool cover from touching the water.

Step 7

Drape your pool cover over the top of the pool and over the air pillows. You will need to tighten the pool cover in place with the buckles that hang over the side.