How Does a Hot Tub Pump Work?

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How Does a Hot Tub Pump Work?

Importance of a Hot Tub Pump

A hot tub is completely useless without the pump. The principle behind a hot tub is that water is pulled through intakes and passes through a heater before coming out of jets, piping hot, to the enjoyment of the occupants. Without the pump to move the water, it cannot be heated.

Hot Tub Plumbing Layout

There are lots of different plumbing layouts depending on the make and model of the hot tub. They all have a few things in common though. The first is that there are always at least two intake ports through which water is pulled. One is typically near the top of the waterline while the other is sunk into the tub floor. These intakes lead through to a filter, then to the pump itself. Once inside the pump, water is pushed through a pipe leading to a water heater. From there the water goes to a junction, where the flow is split between any number of jets set into the sides and floor of the hot tub.

How Does a Hot Tub Pump Work?

The pump itself is a simple design similar to water pumps found in cars, pools and wells. The interior is taken up by an electric motor from which extends a metal shaft. The shaft extends into an adjacent water-proof chamber. The shaft in this portion of the chamber flares out into a turbine, looking very much like the blades of a fan. There are two pipes connecting to this chamber. When the pump engages, the turbines spin, creating an effect due to centripetal acceleration. Essentially the whirlpool generated by the spinning turbine pulls water in from one pipe and forces it out through the other. The direction of the pump depends on the design of the fans and the direction which the turbine turns.

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