How to Build an Old Fashioned Sauna Outside

Making your very own outdoor sauna, just like they did in the olden days, is a great way to make the winter more fun. Easily constructed and even easier to heat, these saunas provide a warm and cozy environment when the outside temperatures fall. With some commonly found tools and a little time you can build your own backyard sauna in no time. Saunas are a great way to relax and even lose weight, but remember not to stay in too long.

Saunas are a great way to relax.

Step 1

Select a location to erect the sauna that is outside on level ground, with a location to maintain a camp fire nearby.

Step 2

Construct the sauna using 2x4's to create a frame, and cover with plywood sheets. Add a roof as well with a small hole (3-inch diameter) to allow for smoke and excess steam to escape. This sauna can be made directly on the ground without a foundation, and the ground should be left bare as hot rocks will be placed on it.

Step 3

Cut one of the plywood sheets to create a door and add some hinges to allow for the easy opening and sealing of it.

Step 4

Cover the inside wall surfaces with some fiberglass batt or Styrofoam insulation to better hold in the heat. Add chairs or benches to allow for sauna users to sit comfortably.

Step 5

Light a fire nearby the sauna and once going, place some large rocks in it to heat up.

Step 6

Collect the rocks from the fire using a shovel after 20 minutes and carefully transport them into the sauna. Close the door drizzle water over the rocks to create steam. The rocks will need to be rotated frequently to maintain warm temperatures.