Landscaping around a pool should provide hard surfaces for sun loungers and other pool furniture and attractive, low-maintenance plants for a pleasant view that doesn't require too much time that could be better spent swimming or relaxing. Privacy around a pool is another concern, and there's a range of shrubs that offer an effective screen. Selecting these and trees for pool landscaping can be tricky because if they grow too close to the pool wall they can damage in. When designing your pool landscaping, decide on a style, such as tropical, desert or Mediterranean, that reflects the style of your home.

Pool Hardscaping

The most important property of pool hardscaping is that it's slip-resistant. Climbing out of the pool and walking around in bare, wet feet is a safety hazard, but slip-resistant hardscaping reduces the risks of an accident. Rubber, sandstone, brick and flagstone pavers are some of the choices available. Select the hardscaping that best suits your house and garden style, such as brick pavers for a Mediterranean effect or the warm, muted colors of sandstone for a desert design.

Trees and Shrubs for Pools

Evergreen trees and shrubs offer structure, year-round color and privacy around a pool. Drought-tolerant trees and shrubs that produce little litter and have small root balls keep the maintenance chores and risk of problems to a minimum.

Windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)