How to Put Straps on an In-Ground Pool Solar Cover

An in-ground pool solar cover is an excellent and cost-effective way to heat the water in your pool. Up to 70 percent of lost pool heat is through evaporation, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center. A solar pool cover can increase the temperature of the water as well as reduce the heat lost through evaporation. The straps on a solar cover are used to attach the cover to a reel so the cover is easy to remove and replace as needed.

In-ground pool solar cover

Step 1

Place the solar cover on the in-ground pool in position with the bubbles facing down. Trim if needed to cover the pool without wrinkles or air pockets.

Step 2

Position the reel at the end of the pool. Be sure this position will be the position used for removing and replacing the solar cover.

Step 3

Install the end clips three inches from the sides of the cover with the pool cover inserted into the clip to the crease in the clip. Fold the clip over the cover and press to puncture the cover and secure the clip. Install the remaining clips spaced evenly between the end clips.

Step 4

Place the straps in approximate position by the clips with the fabric fastener end close to the reel and the glue side of the fabric fastener on the ground.

Step 5

Push the end of the strap without the fabric fastener up into the slot on the metal clip. Bring it over the center bar of the clip and push it back down into the other slot on the clip. Slide the clip 24 inches from the end of the strap. Push the end of the strap without the fabric fastener up through the clip on the solar cover and bring back toward the clip. Push the end of the strap up through the opening closest to the pool cover and down through the second opening in the metal clip. Repeat for all of the straps.

Step 6

Clean the reel with clear water and a rag. Allow to dry thoroughly. The reel must be completely clean and dry to attach the fabric fastener part of the strap to the reel.

Step 7

Position the fabric fastener end of each strap over the reel. Remove the backing from the adhesive side of the fabric fastener and press onto the reel keeping the strap as straight as possible between the reel and the cover. Repeat for each strap.

Step 8

Adjust the straps if needed by moving the end without the fabric fastener through the buckle to keep all of the straps with even tension on the pool cover.