Coatings to Refinish a Concrete Pool Deck

Refinishing a concrete pool deck gives your pool area a whole new look. Many options are available with different materials to refinish a pool deck. New overlays can also reduce heat absorption to prevent burning tender feet around the pool.

Man in pool
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Redo the pool deck for greater enjoyment.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are designed to put right over the existing concrete deck. Many are blended resins with cement. Coatings not only improve the look of the pool deck but also help reduce slipping when walking around the wet pool surface. The deck takes a lot of abuse from the sun, pool chemicals and frost. An overlay increases the life of the pool deck and adds beauty and function.


Since an overlay goes over the existing concrete deck, the deck must be in good condition. Clean the deck with a degreasing agent such as trisodium phosphate to prevent grime or grease from staining or discoloring the new overlay before it is set. Repair all cracks and chips and seal the concrete before installing the overlay.


Concrete overlays are thin mixtures. Products and their consistency vary, so be sure to read the manufacturer's label for best application procedures. Some items will spray over the existing concrete. Others are applied with a trowel. Mix small batches working away from the pool to the perimeter of the deck. It is best to apply the overlay in hot dry conditions to reduce drying time.

Design Ideas

Customize the concrete overlay using concrete stamps, stencils and acid stains. Color additives can be used when mixing the overlay to create custom colors or patterns in the deck to make a unique backyard oasis. For elaborate overlay designs, consult a skilled concrete craftsman to ensure the job is done right the first time.