The Polaris pool cleaner is an automatic pool cleaner for above-ground and in-ground pools. The Polaris uses a custom pool return line and separate booster pump to operate. The Polaris consists of a bag, hose, and wheels attached to a plastic body. The Polaris moves along the bottom and sides of the pool to pick up debris. A Polaris pool cleaner drastically reduces maintenance time by eliminating the need to manually vacuum the pool and can be set to run automatically when the pool turns on.

A Polaris pool cleaner makes quick work of pool maintenance.

Step 1

Firmly push the end of the Polaris hose into the Polaris pool return. Twist the end of the hose to lock it into place.

Step 2

Slip the Polaris bag down over the large nipple on the top of the Polaris. Secure it in place using the clips attached to the bag or the Velcro on the nipple, depending on your Polaris model.

Step 3

Hold the Polaris by the hose and gently place it into the water until it is fully submerged and sitting on the pool bottom.

Step 4

Turn on the pool equipment and then the Polaris booster pump.