Ohio Laws for Private Swimming Pool Privacy Fencing

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Privacy fences for residential pools help keep swimmers safe and secure.

A homeowner in Ohio who has a swimming pool must build a fence around it to prevent accidental drownings and related injuries. Privacy fences for pools can also keep out trespassers.



Under the guidelines of the Ohio Administrative Codes Chapter 3701-31-01(M), a private swimming pool is any indoor or outdoor chamber containing a body of water used for swimming, diving or bathing. The pool must be free to use for the residents who own it and their guests.

The Law

Municipal governments in Ohio have the right to create their own guidelines regarding private swimming pool fence requirements. In the city of Lancaster, all private swimming pool fences must be at least 6 feet in height. Pool owners who wish to construct a pool fence higher than 6 feet need a permit to do so. Permits can be obtained from the city's Certified Building Department.



Swimming pool privacy fences in Ohio need to be constructed either around the pool or around the property on which the pool resides. All swimming pool privacy fences must be kept in good working order and be affixed with a locking gate.


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