How to Troubleshoot Dimension One Spas

Nothing is more disappointing than planning to enjoy a relaxing dip in the spa, only to find out that there is a malfunction. Your Dimension One spa may not be working properly for a number of reasons, including incorrect water temperature or error messages on the display. With a little patience and the right troubleshooting tools, you will be able to get your spa up and running again.

You can get your Dimension One spa working again.

Step 1

Check the temperature of the water in your spa. If the water is not getting hot enough, there are three possible problems -- the temperature setting could be too low and need adjustment on the control panel, the filter could be dirty and in need of cleaning, or there is a malfunction in the flow switch, which needs to be serviced by the dealer. If the temperature is too high, the temperature setting could also be to blame, or the high-limit setting was tripped. If the latter is the case, call the dealer for assistance.

Step 2

Look at the display. If it is flashing a temperature reading of "34" or "134," there is a failure in one of the temperature sensors. Call the dealer for assistance in fixing the problem.

Step 3

Look at the temperature level, and if it is too erratic, the water level is likely too low. Fill the water to just below the top of the spa.

Step 4

Look at the display, and see if it reads "overheat"; if you see this, the spa could be filtering itself too much. Reduce the number of times the filter cycles or the duration of the filter cycle.