Troubleshooting Caldera Spa Electrical

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Things You'll Need

  • Waterproof lubricant

  • Paper towel


Be careful when using electronic devices around water sources. If they are not grounded properly, you could accidentally electrocute yourself or others.

Troubleshooting an electrical problem in a spa is something that anyone can do.

When a spa does not work correctly, the owner must do a little detective work to figure out what the cause of the malfunction is. Most often, the problem is easily fixed and can be rectified in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

Look at the spa's LCD screen. When the screen reads "Pd", the power has been cut off. If it is blank and the nothing on the spa will run, the circuit breaker could either be tripped or turned off. Reset the circuit breaker at the circuit box and reset the ground fault circuit interrupter on the spa.

Step 2

Listen to the motor and the pump. A noisy motor or pump can be caused by closed-knife valves or low water level in the spa. Turn off the pump motor and let it sit for an hour to have the motor overload switch reset itself automatically. Open all of the spa's knife valves.


Step 3

Add water to the spa until it is an inch above the highest jet outlet on the spa wall. Turn the pump back on. Call a local Caldera dealer if this does not fix the problem, as you may have a failed control switch, which requires a trained professional to replace.

Step 4

Turn off the power to the spa at the circuit breaker. Remove the door to the equipment compartment of the spa. Loosen the top union on the pump so that captive air can be released. When you start to see water, tighten the union back up. Turn power back on and activate the pump. Check the union. If it is leaking, tighten it up a little more until it stops.


Step 5

Observe the water jet pressure to see if it is low or isn't working. Clean or open the air valves and remove any debris. Clean the pump filter cartridge. Remove the jet face eyeball and clean out the opening. Check the suction or skimmer basket, and remove any debris that may be clogging it.

Step 6

Test the temperature of the water. Low temperature can be fixed by changing the temperature on the control panel. Switch the filter cycles from economy mode to standard mode, lengthen the filter cycles and align the spa cover.

Step 7

Turn off the power. Pull up on the power diverter handle while rocking it to remove it. Loosen and remove the cap ring. Pull the valve body off. Wipe off the valve's interior walls and body. Lubricate it with waterproof lubricant. Put the valve back and turn the power back on.


Step 8

Check the fiber optic lighting, which is optional. Replace the light assembly if the fiber optic lighting isn't working. Call a local Caldera dealer if the fiber optics lighting color wheel is not rotating when it is turned on to have it replaced.


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