How to Clean a Swimming Pool. Cleaning your pool is a must to ensure your comfort and protect your equipment. Cleaning your pool is quite simple if you have the right tools and if the pool is not surrounded by trees or bushes that keep filling it with leaves, that is.

Clean a Swimming Pool

Step 1

Use a manual brush and pool vacuum on all areas of the walls and floor at least once a week, even if your pool is equipped with an automatic system. There are some places in every pool that the automatic cleaning systems miss.

Step 2

Pay particular attention to corners, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas that get little circulation.

Step 3

Keep your pool maintained. A clean pool is also a function of a working filtration system and proper pH levels. Use a sanitizer to help fight bacteria, and shock the pool on a regular basis (see How to Shock a Pool) to help keep it clean and crystal-clear.