How to Keep an Inground Pool Closed in the Summer

Swimming pools require maintenance, consistent hard work and money. Because of this it is not uncommon for pool owners to consider keeping their pools closed during the summer. But remember: Re-opening the pool after sitting still all summer may cost more in time and money than simply caring for it as though it were open for activity, according to Leaving a pool closed with the pumps off can cause massive amounts of bacteria and algae to grow due to the stagnancy of the water and the extreme heat of the summer. So if you want to keep an inground pool closed for the summer, you should care for it as if it were open.

Keeping a pool closed for the summer

Step 1

Remove the leaves from the top of the pool cover using a leaf net. Remove the pool cover and rinse it off with a spray hose. Dry the pool cover by letting it simply air-dry. Fold up the pool cover and store it in a shed or garage.

Step 2

Fill the pool to its proper level and remove any items, such as freeze plugs, that were installed when you winterized the pool.

Step 3

Shock the pool water by adding the suggested amount of chlorine to a bucket and filling the bucket with water. Pour the chlorine mixture into the deep end of the pool. Use the chlorine adjustment chart in the Resource section to determine the proper amount of chlorine to use to "shock" your pool.

Step 4

Inspect the filter for damage and turn the filtration system on, let the filtration system run continuously for two to three days. Shut the pump off overnight to allow dead algae to settle. Use a pool vacuum to remove the algae from the water and turn the filtration system back on.

Step 5

Adjust the chlorine level to 1.0 to 3.0 ppm by either adding more chlorine to raise the levels or adding a chlorine neutralizer to lower the level of chlorine in the pool. Adjust the pH of the water to approximately 7.4 to 7.6 by adding soda ash to raise the pH or muriatic acid to lower the pH. Add a pool clarifier and let the water continue to filter for another 24 hours.