Problems With Baracuda Pool Cleaners

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A Baracuda pool cleaner may get stuck near the stairs or ladder, preventing it from cleaning the rest of the pool.

While a backyard pool is enjoyable and relaxing, many homeowners become frustrated with the daily maintenance efforts required to keep the pool clean. Baracuda pool cleaners allow homeowners to maintain their pool with minimal effort because the cleaner moves across the floor and walls of the pool, automatically picking up dirt, leaves, insects and any other debris that has fallen beneath the water surface. While these cleaners are helpful, problems may occur that prevent them from operating properly. Correct these issues as soon as possible to ensure that your pool stays clean.

No Movement or Slow Movement

The reason that many pool owners get a Baracuda pool cleaner is to clean their pool without any effort. If the Bacarcuda cleaner does not move or moves too slowly, none of the debris at the bottom of the pool is removed. In particularly cold water, the cleaner's hose is not as flexible, so increasing the water flow to the cleaner is necessary to aid its movements. The Baracuda cleaner may also stop moving if the basket or filter becomes too full. Removing the debris inside the basket usually helps the cleaner pick up speed. In pools with multiple skimmers, ensure that any skimmers not connected to the Baracuda cleaner are closed, or water flow that should go to the cleaner is diverted so it does not move as quickly. In addition, the Baracuda cleaner may not move if air is trapped in the system. Symptoms of this include an excess of bubbles coming from the return lines or inside the pump basket. Tightening hose connections and pump fittings may help.

Gets Stuck at Stairs or Ladder

As your Baracuda pool cleaner moves around the pool, it may become stuck at the stairs or ladder. If no one is around to move it, the cleaner will remain in that spot and not clean the rest of the pool. In some cases, the hose is too long, and shortening it will prevent the cleaner from moving to these areas. Reducing water flow to the cleaner may also prevent the Baracuda pool cleaner from getting stuck near pool entrances. In addition, you can purchase wheel deflectors and ladder guards to move the cleaner away from the stairs or ladder when they come into contact with the cleaner.

Only Cleans Certain Areas

Baracuda pool cleaners are designed to move across all of the floor surface so the entire pool is cleaned. In some cases, the cleaner may become stuck in a pattern and only clean certain areas of the pool. The length of the hose is an issue if this occurs, so ensure that the hose is long enough for the cleaner to cover the entire pool. If your pool is very deep, add weight to the hose as well. Kinks or twists in the hose may also force the cleaner into a pattern. Laying the hose out straight in the sun may help it stay kink-free because the warmth of the sun will warm the plastic hose and make it more pliable. Install return line diverters, which help redirect water flow on the surface, on your Baracuda pool cleaner to prevent it from patterning in certain areas in the pool.


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