How to Marble Dust a Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety goggles

  • Jackhammer with a flat edge attachment

  • Shovels

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Garden sprayer

  • Muriatic acid

  • Industrial mop

  • Plaster mixer

  • Shoes with spikes

  • Plaster trowels

  • Coin (optional)


All the tools and supplies necessary to marble dust a pool are available at pool and home supply or hardware stores. Many places have large equipment for rent, such as the jackhammer and attachments. Wearing shoes with spikes while spreading the marble dust prevents you from slipping. It also prevents footprints in the new plaster.

White marble dust reflects the blue in the sky.
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It is necessary to marble dust your swimming pool when the old finish becomes discolored or worn. The marble dust is also known as plaster or marcite. White marble dust is one of the most popular colors, according to Pools of Perfection. It reflects the blue sky during the day and results in a sparkling and inviting pool area. Applying the marble dust yourself is possible if you rent the correct tools and work quickly. This is a money-saving project that you can do yourself in a couple of days.

Step 1

Call your town's Building and Planning Department to ask about the proper procedure to empty your pool and follow the guidelines. The pool must be empty and dry before applying the marble dust.

Step 2

Plan the marble dust project on a weekend or days when bright, sunny weather is forecast. This prevents unexpected rain from delaying the project or ruining your hard work before it dries thoroughly.

Step 3

Wear safety goggles when removing the old plaster and cleaning off the old surface. This protects your eyes from flying debris.

Step 4

Chip off the old plaster in your pool by using a jackhammer with the flat edge attachment. This breaks it apart from the gunite or concrete.

Step 5

Remove all the old plaster by shoveling it into a wheelbarrow and disposing of it.

Step 6

Wash the pool down with a garden sprayer filled with a mixture of muriatic acid and water. A 3:1 ratio of water to acid is sufficient to clean the pool area.

Step 7

Remove the acid wash solution with an industrial sized mop. This ensures that the new marble dust adheres to the surface.

Step 8

Rent a plaster mixer and position it near the edge of the pool. Combine the plaster cement and marble dust sand into the plaster mixer. The amount necessary depends on the size of your pool. The instructions on the plaster and marble dust tell you how many linear feet each bag covers.

Step 9

Put on shoes with spikes and ask at least three assistants to do the same. It is important to work quickly while spreading the new marble dust mixture.

Step 10

Turn on the plaster mixer and then pour the solution into the pool once it combines. Ask your helpers to spread the mixture over the surface of the pool with plaster trowels. Tell them to concentrate on filling any large voids or cracks.

Step 11

Wait for the first layer of marble dust plaster to dry according to the directions. Another way to determine if it is dry enough is to toss a coin onto the surface. If the coin sticks, allow the surface to dry for another hour or two.

Step 12

Apply a second coat of marble dust plaster to the pool surface. Do this in the same manner as the first layer. Once the second layer dries, apply a third and final layer.

Step 13

Fill your pool with water once the final layer is dry.


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