What are the South Carolina Building Code Requirements for Pool Fences?

Residential pools are not listed in the South Carolina state guidelines or regulations; the state leaves pool fence requirements up to the counties and cities. According to state law, municipal and public pools must have a fence in place around the pool deck area.

South Carolina's counties and towns regulate residential swimming pool codes.


Home pool fences must meet county building standards. This includes a fence height that will, at minimum, keep children out of the pool area. This is generally 4 feet. The fence should surround the entire pool area, including any decking. The purpose is to keep anyone, especially small children, from wandering into the back yard and falling into the pool.


Some residential pools only offer access through the house, which is permissible. However if there is an opening in the fence to the rest of the yard, a safety gate is needed. The gate needs a latch so it cannot easily be pushed open.

Fence Gaps

Fencing around the pool must not have any openings that an object of 4 inches or larger could get through. This is the same as state regulations on public pools. It is generally followed because it is an appropriate dimension to keep children out of the pool area. This also makes the fence rails so close together that is unlikely someone will get stuck between the rails.


Some South Carolina counties, such as Spartanburg, follow the International Building Code for pool enclosures. These state that fences must not be placed in an area where other structures could be used to help an individual get over the fence.