Ariens Snowblowers Troubleshooting

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Ariens snowblowers provide a powerful way to remove snow from drives, walks and other areas. They are strong enough for heavy snowfalls, yet remain easy to use and maneuver. Ariens snowblowers are ruggedly built and are designed to last, providing many years of service, if properly cared for. However, sometimes problems can occur. If you have a problem with your Ariens snowblower, these troubleshooting steps may help.

Engine Problems

If the engine will not start or stops by itself, first check the fuel tank to see if it is empty. If so, refill the tank with gas. If the tank has gas, check to see if it is contaminated with water or other pollutants. If so, drain the tank and refill it with fresh gas.

Ensure that the fuel shut-off valve is not closed. Open the valve, if necessary. Place the key switch in the run position. If the engine will still not start, check the wires from the battery to the engine to ensure they are properly connected. If the problem persists, have the unit serviced.

Snowblower Fails to Operate

If the snowblower fails to operate in either forward or reverse, check to see if the friction disk needs adjustment or is worn and correct the problem, if necessary. The traction belt may also be worn. Replace the belt, as needed. The speed selector may also need to be adjusted.

Snowblower Fails to Throw

If the snowblower does not throw snow or does so poorly, the shear bolts may be broken. Replace them if needed. If the shear bolts are not broken, check the attachment clutch/brake to see if it need to be adjusted. The attachment clutch/brake belt may also be worn of damaged. Replace the belt, if necessary.


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