Yard Machines Snowblower Troubleshooting

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Yard Machine snowblowers are manufactured by MTD and they produce a variety of models. They sell both gas and electric models, with some being single stage, designed for homeowners who have a small space to clear, and others being double stage, for the clearing of larger snowfalls. No matter which model you own, save yourself the trouble of calling customer service when you run into problems and try troubleshooting the issues on your own.


Machine Won't Start

If your Yard Machine snowblower will not start, make sure the fuel shut-off valve is not in the OFF position. Your machine will also fail to run if the safety ignition key is not inserted or the throttle is in the STOP position. Make sure the choke is not in the OFF position and that the primer is not depressed. If your engine is flooded, wait a few minutes before restarting it and do not prime the machine. See that the spark plug is still connected. If there is water in the fuel, drain the fuel tank and the carburetor. Fill the gas tank with fresh gasoline.


Engine Idles

If the engine of your Yard Machine snowblower idles or does not run smoothly, see that the choke is not in the FULL position. It needs to be turned off. You may also have a blockage in the fuel line or stale fuel. Drain your fuel tank and fill it with new fuel. If your carburetor is not working properly, it may be in need of an adjustment. Contact a technician to do an overhaul of this component.

Loss of Traction or Snow Discharge

A worn drive belt on your snowblower can cause a loss of traction. In addition, this problem can be caused by a drive belt that is off of the pulley. In either case, check and replace or reinstall the drive belt. If the drive wheel is worn, however, you need to contact a qualified technician. If the auger belt is off of the pulley or worn, it can lead to a loss of snow discharge or a slowing of the discharge. Also, make sure to clean out the snow chute if you think it may be clogged and remove any debris that may have gotten jammed in the augers or impeller.



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