How to Use a Roofing Estimate Calculator

Looking ahead at necessary home repairs often means using a roofing estimate calculator. These gadgets can be found free online and they will provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the necessary repair work. They are easy to use, provided you have the necessary basic information. This article will help you gather the information you will need to use for most online roofing estimate calculators, and will help you find the calculator best suited for your needs.

Step 1

Find the right roofing estimate calculator. Save time and frustration by making sure you are using the calculator that is best for you and your home. These calculators are often provided online for free by local roofing companies. If you know which company you wish to have perform your home repairs, see if they have a calculator available. If not, look for local or national contractors that provide a calculator with the materials the climate requires. Remember, the closer to home the better, but a national estimate will give you a general idea of costs and may provide some leverage in bargaining with local contractors.

Step 2

Get the right dimensions. Measure the length and width of your home. If you only require work on a section of your roof, you can provide the exact area to most roofing estimate calculators. When you require work only on a section of your roof, remember that the estimate will be less reliable. This is because the visible damage to your roof may not indicate the full extent of damages and repairs needed.

Step 3

Determine the pitch of the roof. Generally speaking, you will not need to provide any calculations to determine pitch. Many contractors ask only that you indicate whether it is a 'simple' roof, 'steep', 'multiple dormers', or 'extremely difficult,. This is a judgment call on the part of the home owner. Look at your roof and consider the intricacy. Are there windows that interrupt the roofing? Are their decorative peaks or dormers? The more complicated your roof is, the more likely it is to be considered 'difficult' or 'extremely difficult' by a roofing estimate calculator.

Step 4

Know your materials. If you are starting over completely, it's not necessary to know what existing material is already on your roof. You only need to know what material you want the contractor to use such as steel or slate or asphalt. If you are estimating repair costs for a smaller job, it is essential that you know the material the roofer will have to match. In most cases, this will likely be asphalt. However, other popular materials might be in use.

Step 5

Some roofing estimate calculators will ask if your roof has a tear off strip. If you have no experience in roofing, you might not know. It is not always necessary to answer this question, but providing the information will offer a more accurate estimate. The presence of a tear off strip generally indicates less labor to remove the old roofing.