How to Restart the Pilot on a Rheemglas Fury Water Heater

Rheem is a manufacturer of residential gas water heaters, including the Fury Direct Vent Series. These heaters are gas operated and come in 40- and 50-gallon models. They also utilize the Rheemglas tank liners, which, according to the manufacturer, reduces corrosion and extends the life of the water heater. In the event your pilot light goes out, the safety mechanism inside the heater will close off the gas supply to prevent gas from building up in the home. If you need to restart the pilot, it's a fairly simple task but does require several steps.

Step 1

Locate the thermostat and pilot ignition on the water heater, which will be located on the front of the water heater toward the bottom.

Step 2

Turn the thermostat dial clockwise until it is on the pilot lighting setting. Press the gas control knob, which is on the top left side of the metal box that the thermostat dial is attached to. With the gas control knob pressed, turn the thermostat dial to off, then wait for five minutes. The wait time is necessary to allow any built up gas to clear out.

Step 3

Remove the water heater's outer door, which is located at the base of the heater. You will be able to slid it up to remove it.

Step 4

Turn the gas control knob counter clockwise until it is in the pilot position.

Step 5

Push the gas control knob until it is fully depressed and then immediately press the piezo-electric spark generator button, which is located directly to the right of the gas control knob. You may have to press the piezo-electric spark generator button several times to start the pilot. Once the pilot is lit, you'll see it illuminated when you look through the glass window on the inner door of the water heater.

Step 6

Keep the gas control knob pressed in for approximately 1 minute. If you don't do this, the pilot will go out.

Step 7

Reinstall the outer door, turn the water heater's gas control knob until it is in the on position, and then set the thermostat to your desired temperature setting.