It is frustrating to be washing a load of clothes and have the washer stop mid-way without draining. Just as frustrating is the idea of lifting dripping wet clothes out and wringing them individually. Depending on the problem with your washer you may need to call a professional, or get in there and look around yourself. But first you need to drain the washer barrel.

Step 1

Check the drain hose to make sure it has not kinked. If it has, gently straighten it out.

Step 2

Test the lid switch (the one that gets pressed on when the lid closes signaling the machine to start.) If it doesn't seem to be functioning, press on it manually to allow the machine to run long enough to drain. If you are particularly handy, you can replace the switch yourself fairly inexpensively.

Step 3

Check your washer to see if your washer has an accessible drain hose near the water pump filter. Get a bucket and unstop the drain hose and allow the water to drain into the bucket (or over a floor drain if you have one). It is a fairly slow process this way, but keep an eye on the bucket to make sure you don't allow it to over flow.

Step 4

Unhook the rear drain hose and allow the water to empty into a bucket or over a floor drain. In this process, the water will come out quickly, so have several empty buckets lined up to avoid a mess. Once the water is out of the barrel, re-attach the drain hose.

Step 5

Bail the water out with a bucket while you are waiting for the expert to arrive. Use several thick towels to soak up the rest of the water at the bottom once it becomes too shallow to bail out anymore.