Jacuzzi tubs utilize a vacuum pump to pull water in and push it back out of jets on the walls and floor. Each Jacuzzi tub has an intake valve, which is usually located at the bottom of the tub with a fine mesh screen covering it. The water is drawn in with a vacuum created by the pump motor. The motor pulls the water in and expels it from the jets placed throughout the tub.

How Does Water Circulate?

How is the Water Heated?

When water is pulled into the pump, a heating element inside of the mechanism raises the temperature of the water. A thermostat on the Jacuzzi's control panel allows the user to raise and lower the temperature. Typically, thermostats hold water temperature at a certain base temperature and will not raise the temperature past 120 degrees.

How Does a Jacuzzi Stay Clean?

Owners of Jacuzzi tubs take many of the same steps as swimming pool owners to keep their tubs clean and sanitized. As the tub circulates hot water, germs can easily incubate and grow. Jacuzzi owners utilize sanitizers, such as bromide and chlorine, to keep the water clean. Some pH balancers are also used to maintain the effectiveness of the sanitizer and balance the metal content, or alkalinity, of the water.