How to Hook Up Mobile Home Sewage

Connecting mobile homes to utilities, including waste water disposal, can present some challenges. Even the most securely anchored mobile homes incur more movement than conventionally built homes. These movements can cause failures of the connection between the home's sewer system and the system handling waste water, leading to spilled sewage under the home.

Step 1

Locate the sewage outlet of the mobile home and the waste water pipe of the sewer system. Determine if the pipes are the same size and acquire pipes and fittings to connect the two points.

Step 2

Install pipe between the two connection points. PVC or iron pipe can be used and installed according to manufacturer's instructions. If the pipes cover any lateral distance, pipes running parallel to the ground should include a slope toward the sewer system inlet.

Step 3

Include a flexible or rubber connection in the system. The boot can be an angled or straight-fitting, depending on the need. The ends of the rubber boot fit over the existing pipes and are held in place with hose clamps.