How to Use Push Type Pipe Fittings

The latest innovation in plumbing is push type pipe fittings. This incredible plumbing system eliminates the need for soldering, glues and other messy and inconvenient and potentially toxic plumbing adhesives. Push type pipe fittings make it easier and more convenient for any homeowner to make changes to new or existing plumbing projects, without having to purchase a butane torch, flux, solder or plastic adhesives and supplies. Push type pipe fittings work with plastic, copper and CPVC pipe.

Step 1

Cut pipe to the required length for the project.

Step 2

Remove any burrs or rough spots by rubbing the ends with an emery cloth (fine sandpaper, usually black).

Step 3

Push the pipe into the fitting. The system grabs the pipe and seals it against an internal gasket.

Step 4

If you make a mistake, use the disconnect tool to push the fitting end toward the fitting and gently rotate the fitting off of the pipe.

Step 5

Repeat the process with the other end of the pipe to install the push type pipe fitting.