A Hansa kitchen faucet combines style and function in one design. This type of faucet is typically a sink-mounted, single-handle faucet that dispenses cold and hot water. As you operate the lever-style handle, certain parts in the faucet will wear down and eventually will need replacing. If your Hansa faucet leaks, swapping out the old cartridge for a new one is an ideal solution. This fix takes the average person about a half-hour to complete.

Step 1

Shut off the water to the kitchen faucet by shutting both valves underneath the kitchen sink. Turn each one clockwise all the way until they stop to close them.

Step 2

Remove the handle on the faucet by unscrewing the small screw at the base of the handle, just below the lever portion, with an Allen wrench. Pull the handle off the side of the faucet.

Step 3

Unscrew the dome cap -- the round, concave cap on top of the handle -- along the with the cartridge nut right below it. Use a large wrench to unscrew this part, if necessary.

Step 4

Pull the cartridge out of the side of the faucet and replace it with a new cartridge for your model of Hansa faucet. Align the cartridge holes with the outlets in the base of the faucet.

Step 5

Put the cartridge nut back on and turn clockwise to tighten it. Replace the dome cap, and tighten this by hand. Reinstall the handle.