How to Remove Faucet Handles That Don't Have Screws in a Shower

When repairing a bathroom shower faucet, removing the faucet handle is necessary to access the faucet cartridge. When you look over the faucet handle for a screw, however, you may not find one. This is because most faucet handles have a decorative cover that conceals the retaining screw. Some faucet handles have a small rubber cap that plugs into the handle concealing the retaining screw. Removing faucet handles that appear to have no screws requires removing the cover hiding the screw.

Step 1

Place a towel over the bath tub drain to prevent accidentally dropping the retaining screw down the drain.

Step 2

Look on the front of the shower knob for a small notch. Often there is a small notch near a seam in the handle. Insert a small screwdriver into the notch and pry off the decorative cap hiding the retaining screw.

Step 3

Insert a small screwdriver into the edge of the raised part of the knob, if you do not see a notch. Some faucet handles use a cover that rises above the knob and inserts into the knob like a plug. Attempt to pry the raised part off or you can attempt to pull it off with a pair of pliers. Don't squeeze too hard if using the pliers because you could damage the cover.

Step 4

Feel around the bottom curve of the handle for a rubber cap, if you have a lever type faucet. Many lever handle faucets will use a set screw with a rubber cap that is nearly flush with the handle.

Step 5

Remove the handle securing the screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on the screw head. Pull the handle straight off the faucet stem.